Company Poised to become industry leader in Dynamic Load Management software space

Minneapolis, Minnesota – 7/15/15 – Power Over Time, a leader in dynamic load management software for utilities, announced today they have filed for patent protection with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its Cloud software platform. Power Over Time’s patent filing covers the software’s unique method of mathematical modeling, data analysis, and predictive analytics enabling an intelligent use of grid resources for automated demand response and frequency regulation. Power Over Time’s innovative Load Management software allows utilities to control both new and existing high-draw assets such as electric water heaters, air conditioners, and electric vehicle chargers from the Cloud. The platform automates the task of load management via two-way communication over a secure and reliable WiFi or Cellular connection and provides utilities with precision control and sub-second response with unlimited scalability.

“We are excited to announce our patent filing to protect the intellectual property in our dynamic load management software platform,” said Eric LeBow CEO of Power Over Time. “Our software is the outcome of our teams nearly 15 years of domain knowledge and experience delivering highly secure and reliable technology from the cloud to a variety of industry sectors.” Power Over Time’s Cloud software is built on an open platform that works with both proprietary controllers as well as controllers from other third-party manufacturers.

To learn more about the Power Over Time dynamic load management software, visit or call (612) 444-6653.