Our Team

Eric LeBow
Eric LeBowCEO
Prior to joining Power over Time, Eric LeBow was Chief Executive Officer of Spanlink Communications, a leader in real-time Cloud monitoring and management of mission-critical hardware and software telecommunication solutions. Mr. LeBow has over 16 years of technology leadership experience.
Ralph Jenson
Ralph JensonCTO
Ralph Jenson was the Co-Founder of GoFast.net, one of the first Internet Service Providers in the Midwest. Mr. Jenson has served as CTO of Aravox, Research Fellow at LogLogic, VP of Technical Operations at Swarmcast and a Representative to the WiMax Forum.
Matthew Blackler
Matthew BlacklerCo-Founder
Matthew Blackler is the founder of Zef Energy and is responsible for establishing the first EV Fast Charging Network in Minnesota. Mr. Blackler has over 14 years of experience in high-tech.
Nick Wormley
Nick Wormley Co-Founder
Nick Wormley is an 18-year software industry veteran with a background in mathematics. He enjoys developing disruptive technologies, one of which is his invention of the now-ubiquitous ‘adaptive bit rate’ digital video distribution technique, which was first used by Major League Baseball to stream live baseball games at massive scale on the Internet.